AVA hit Sydney Finders Keepers

AVA hit Sydney Finders Keepers

Well with two months of preparation drawing to a close, a four men and women team from AVA (comprising of our parents and best friend) flew off to Sydney on Thursday 28 April.

Having settled into a lovely Airbnb place in Arnclife (about 7 minutes drive from the markets’ venue), we quickly headed down to Australian Technology Park to set up our display.

First thing we noticed was that our 2m by 2m spot was smaller than we calculated back home (oops) but we made the most of it and created this display!

Friday night trading was from 6pm to 10pm.

We’ve never done a night market before so it was very exciting to be part of it. Music, yummy foods, drinks and people talking, smiling, laughing sure made our Friday night.

Saturday markets was from 10am to 6pm. We were pumped to see more Sydney siders making their way to the markets. What fun was it to fit ladies into our dresses, with the Kelly, Mei and Sabrina dresses being clear favourites for the day.

We also met some amazing other retailers on the day, including our funky, energetic and inspirational neighbour, Emma from Hew – a menswear design company. Check out the other retailers and their amazing work here.

Sunday we were all abuzz with last day of trade and the prospect of packing up and putting our feet up! Time flew by and before we knew it, 5pm came and we packed like there was no tomorrow.

Though we were exhausted, we thought, we need to celebrate having done our first Finders Keepers and we need to see Sydney. So we put on some frocks and headed down for a meal, a drink and a yummy dessert at Bennelong at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

If you do happen to go and grab a bite here, we totally recommend having the smoked eggplant salad, which comes with home made naan bread, served in your own ‘Sydney Opera House” napkin!

Overall, what an amazing experience. We learnt a lot in Sydney, we met some amazing people and lastly we look forward to next time.

Thanks for having us Sydney xx

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